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Flower Horn Species
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Flower Horn Species

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  - Here is a Video from our Flower Horn with a Mega Monster KOK. We you like this V...
  - Flowerhorn with Monster Kok in Show Quality. This Picture is from today at our f...
  - Wow, this Red Dragon has a BIG BIG HUMP. Do you like Big KOK or BIG BIG KOK?
  - Watch out our New Website and support us to grow up faster and faster to one of...
  - Follow us on Twitter. Please support also this Channel.
  - Check out our new Fanpage about Arowana. This site starts yesterday. Please supp...
  - Wow, Is this a Big KOK. Looks like an actor from the movie Mars Attacks! ;)
  - Here is a picture from the side. He is soooooo beautiful and the best is you can...
  - What do you think about this Flowerhorn? Is he beautiful or not?
  - Maybe you are looking for a Koi. No problem, also bagged and ready to Go.
  - Do you need a Discus Fish to Go?
  - ONLY ONE! King Kamfa Flower Horn.
  - 12" Blue Diamond - Thai Silk
  - Our Blue Diamond Couple Flower Horn. This Video is from Today!
  - Our Red Dragon Couple. Look at this BIG KOK.
  - King Kamfa Video on our You Tube Channel. Check it out!
  - This is the First Video on our new You Tube Channel. Enjoy!
  - Welcome to our NEW YouTube Channel from Flowerhorn Magazin...
  - Kamfamalau: This is a cross of a Golden Monkey male and a Kamfa female with Mala...
  - King Kamfa: King Kamfa is from the Kamfa family, this fish typically has white o...